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For nearly 30 years we've been buying and selling Records, CDs, DVDs and Cassettes in and around the San Diego area. In 1987 we started the Music Trader chain which was a huge success for many many moons into the digital age. When the music business got topsy turvy in the age of the internet we started Thrift Trader our beloved haven of second-hand clothing, music, media, and other treasures.  

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Vinyl Records are in the house! 

We never gave up on the 33's and 45's that shaped our lives. Since vinyl production first plummeted in the early 1990's until its' Record Store Day driven comeback in 2008 we've been carrying the torch. Now with the advent of major chains like Urban Outfitters carrying both turntable stereo units and 12" records, tangible full length albums are finally back. There is no better way to fully appreciate a classic album than to be immersed in its' full-formed art and imagery while enjoying the warm analog tones of its superior form. The record. A beautiful thing. Crates of discovery. The forgotten, the obscure and all the old favorites. Long Live Vinyl! Long Live Love and Music!

Why Vinyl Sounds Better Than Digital 

Vinyl music sounds way better than digital ever could! Because MP3 tracks are engineered to be louder than they naturally would, it takes a huge hit on audio quality. Sounds get distorted and stripped from their original depth and texture. On vinyl, you get that beautiful, warm, rich sound that it’s famous for. Vinyl adds depth,context, and texture, extending the musical experience far beyond a beloved song or album. At Thrift Trader in San Diego, an hour or two spent browsing through our selection of used vinyl records will provide a sensory experience unlike any you’ll have while listening to digital MP3s. 

San Diego’s Cheapest vinyl records, cds, and more

At $1-$20, our prices are unbeatable in San Diego. Come lose yourself in our inventory and explore our thousands of records, spanning various musical genres.

we're also interested in buying your music!  

We pay Cash and / or Store Credit for your old Records and CDs! 
You can visit us from 10am-6pm everyday at either our North Park or Pacific Beach location.
If you've got a large amount of vinyl or media we can come to you!