Summer Fashion Wear Ideas Inspired by Music Festivals

We’ve already discussed how to create unique outfits to stand out from the summer music fest crowd, but just because you don’t want to look like Boho Princess #25,639 doesn’t mean you have to shun the style entirely. We admit it—flower crowns are pretty cute in small doses.

Defined by an abundance of flowy fabrics, neutral colors, and spunky accessories, music festival wear and warm weather are a match made in fashion heaven. So even if you plan to wear a bright green sundress to KAABOO, you can rock festival-inspired styles for the rest of the summer. Here’s how:

Behold the bra top

We’d like to think Ilana from “Broad City” inspired the latest wave of super-cropped tops now appearing in festival crowds and fashion runways, but the trend is welcome regardless of the source. The most cropped of tops, of course, is the bra top, which is exactly what it sounds like. Coverage among bra tops varies: demi cups, balconettes, and bandeaus are popular choices, especially when paired with a coordinating high-waisted skirt and strappy sandals.

Rock that floral flair

Floral fabrics are a familiar sight at summer music festivals, but colors tend to be muted to adhere to the laid-back, down-to-earth vibe. For at-home summer fashion, you can take those florals and crank them up to 11 with bold patterns and bright colors. But don’t go overboard—a gutsy floral top or skirt is best paired with solid colors and unobtrusive fabrics.

Join the anklet renaissance

One of the hallmarks of music festival fashion is anything goes when it comes to accessories—layers upon layers of bracelets and necklaces and rings on every finger and even toes. So it’s no surprise that anklets have made a comeback at recent music festivals, even if most of them are just long bracelets or necklaces wrapped around the ankle a few times. You can do the same, whether it’s silver chains or strung glass beads or even hand-woven string for a retro friendship bracelet look.

Play peek-a-boo with sheers

Sheer fabrics are all over the festival scene—and A-list red carpets as well—because there’s something to be said for letting a little breeze through on a hot summer’s day (or when under the bright Hollywood lights). Sheer sundresses and blouses are a perfect match for bra tops, or if you have enough confidence, straight-up bras. But if you decide to rock this trend, don’t forget to slather on the sunscreen before heading outdoors—UV rays can penetrate sheer fabrics even easier than a summer breeze.

Stride in maxi skirt comfort

Maxi skirts are ideal for music festivals: light and airy by day, and cold wind-blocking by night. Scratch that—maxi skirts are ideal for almost any situation, especially on hot summer days when you forgot to shave. Full coverage without the clinginess of pants? Rejoice! Working long days and no time to change before happy hour? No worries! The wonders of maxi skirts cannot be overstated, so stock up on a few that will mix-and-match with several of your existing tops.

Need to boost your closet inventory with music festival-inspired looks?

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