Used Vinyl Records of All Music Genres for Sale

Vinyl records might have been surpassed by cassettes, CDs, and MP3s as the music-listening media of choice over the last few decades, but it’s undeniable that vinyl is back in style. Not only can you pick up a decent record player for cheap at most electronics stores these days, but there’s even an annual day devoted to records and record stores. This year, April 22 marks the 10th annual Record Store Day, which means you can expect new vinyl releases from current artists and exclusive re-releases from music icons like David Bowie, Prince, the Ramones, Patti Smith, Pink Floyd and more.

Despite the celebrations, there isn’t much hope that record stores will ever be as popular as they once were. But for record lovers out there, you still have options if you’re looking to expand your vinyl collection the old fashioned way—by flipping through covers until you find exactly what you were looking for…or something you never expected. 

At Thrift Trader’s two locations in North Park and Pacific Beach, we offer thousands of used and nearly new vinyl albums in just about every musical genre. Aside from great music at great prices, here are some unexpected perks of buying used vinyl records at Thrift Trader:

Give the best gift ever

Vinyl might have found a whole new demographic of fandom lately, but Baby Boomers and beyond were fans back before it was cool (again). That’s why vinyl records make the perfect gift, especially if you know the recipient’s favorite band or music genre. Music is powerful, people, so your thoughtful gift might even bring a nostalgic tear to their eye.

Host a record swap party

If parties centered around buying Tupperware and revealing the gender of a baby exist in this world, why not record swap parties? If you’re looking to throw a soiree with a purpose beyond hanging out, first select a few records from different music genres at Thrift Trader and invite fellow vinyl fans to come over and trade (or bid auction-style, if you want to make it even more interesting) while dancing to samplings on the record player.

Strike vinyl gold

Speaking of auctions, online auction sites provide collectors with a whole new world of potential customers, and there’s always a chance that you’ll strike vinyl gold while perusing through Thrift Trader’s offerings. Plenty of customers that sell us records are just unloading collections from relatives, which means rare, valuable recordings are often brought in along with 80s hair band albums and folk records from the 70s.

Score some new décor 

If you’re not into vinyl records for music-listening purposes, you have to admit that cover art is an artistic category all its own. From the cutesy 50s to the psychedelic 60s to the sparkly 70s and beyond, record covers can fit with almost anyone’s home décor, whether framed individually or arranged in a wall collage. 

Thrift Trader has San Diego’s best used vinyl selection

From classic rock to punk to reggae and everything in between, Thrift Trader has the best selection of used vinyl spanning nearly all musical genres, and our prices can’t be beat—most records are priced between $1-$20. We’re also interested in buying your music on vinyl or CD for cash or store credit, so visit us any day between 10am and 6pm!