Keep Your Closet Fresh Year-Round by Selling Used Clothes

Whether it’s the fresh growth of the season, the cleansing rain, or the need to get up and do something active after a lethargic winter, spring has been linked with cleaning for longer than most of us can remember. And while the prospect of transforming a grimy, cluttered living space into a squeaky-clean utopia of organization is appealing, some of us prefer to stay tidy year-round—especially when it comes to our closets.

Most experts recommend getting rid of clothes you haven’t worn in a year or more. We agree. But instead of once a year, we recommend a seasonal clothing rotation. At Thrift Trader, you can you can expel the old and welcome the new every season, keeping your closet fresh year-round by selling your used clothes. 


What to sell: It’s a good idea to maintain a collection of quality sweaters and winter coats, but they don’t need to take up closet space during warmer seasons. That means it’s time to decide what you love and what you can live without—store the “loves” in vacuum-seal bags or plastic bins and toss the rest in the pile you plan to sell at Thrift Trader.

What to buy: ‘Tis the season for breezy fabrics and shorter hems, but the spring fashion selection at thrift stores might be rather thin at the moment. Like you, most people are getting rid of winter essentials, but you can use that to your advantage. Now that you know exactly what you have in terms of sweaters, coats, scarves and hats, keep your eye out for a wintery piece or two that screams BUY ME and store it away with the rest until next year.


What to sell: Spring can often inspire fashionable experimentation—with varying results—so if that vintage dress you wore to Easter or the oversized sun hat you brought along on spring break look better in your memories than they do in photos, now’s a great time to send them back into the thrift store cycle of life.

What to buy: Summer is traditionally a donation-heavy season for thrift stores, as people tend to move homes and purge belongings during the warmer months and between college semesters. That means you’ll have a wide representation of seasonal goods to choose from—but it doesn’t mean you should go nuts. Select a few things you can’t live without, and store them with their seasonal brethren. 


What to sell: Any dresses, skirts, shorts, and tanks that you didn’t get around to wearing during spring and summer should go straight to the sell pile, along with stored pants, long-sleeve shirts and sweaters that you thought you’d love again, but don’t. 

What to buy: Besides keeping an eye out for Halloween costume essentials, all those dresses, skirts, shorts, and tanks that everyone else didn’t get around to wearing during spring and summer will be available for your perusal. Sure, it’ll be a long time until you crack into your warm weather wardrobe but who knows, you might even forget what you bought and when spring rolls around, it’ll be like opening presents on a bonus birthday!


What to sell: This year’s Halloween costume, last year’s ugly sweater contest submission, and anything else you’re totally over to make room for holiday presents.

What to buy: If your social calendar is jam-packed with parties, gatherings, and other events that require full-on dress-up mode, it’s a good idea to have a selection of party wear on hand. Look for vintage dresses and suits, formal coats, elaborate costume jewelry, and the perfect pair of already-worn-in heels to dance the night away.

Looking to buy or sell quality used clothing?

Thrift Trader is always on the lookout for fresh, stylish, lovingly used fashion, so if you want to keep your closet fresh all year-round, visit one of our locations in North Park or Pacific Beach during our buying hours, 10am-6pm daily.