5 Ways to Spend Money Earned from Selling Used Clothing

By now you probably know that Thrift Trader welcomes your lovingly used clothes and accessories to buy or trade. But once you say your farewells and start counting that cash, you’ll want to spend it wisely.

Sure, you could save it or fritter it away on lattes or tacos or lottery scratchers, but we suggest honoring your former fashion with something unique and substantial—and that doesn’t have to mean simply buying more clothes and accessories. Here are 5 creative ways to spend the money you earned selling used clothing:

1. Costume jewelry and a basic jewelry-making kit

If you’ve spent enough time combing through the accessory piles at any thrift store or vintage shop, you’ve probably come across gorgeous stones in an otherwise hideous setting, or charming settings cursed with repulsive beads. You may have passed on those pieces, but you won’t have to next time—with a simple jewelry-making kit, you can transform trashy into treasure.

2. Vintage hat and a unique hat rack

Fashion and interior design are cousins in the world of style, and they’re easy to combine. With a little extra cash, you can pick up a one-of-a-kind vintage chapeau—a cloche, a fascinator, a trilby, a fedora, whatever your preference, even if it’s something you’d never wear out of the house—and display it on a decorative hat rack.

3. Messenger bag and sketching kit

Not everyone has an artistic bent, but if you’ve ever imagined yourself nestled on a park bench on a classic sunny San Diego afternoon, sketching the passers-by or the trees or skyline, maybe it’s time to turn imagination into reality. All you need is a durable, already worn-in messenger bag (secondhand stores typically have a great selection for reasonable prices) and a basic sketching kit.

4. Wacky costumes and a green screen app

Your social media feeds are probably chock full of selfies, food pics, and the strangely popular vacation legs shot, so why not add some unique hilarity to the mix? All you need is a selection of wacky clothes or costumes from a thrift store and a green screen app like Do Ink, which allows you to create crazy, adorable, or crazy adorable green screen photos and videos.

5. Used books and a DIY Little Free Library

If you’re a bookworm at heart, you’ve probably heard of the Little Free Library movement, which encourages people to build mini neighborhood display boxes and fill them with books for anyone to borrow. You don’t even need to be handy with a hammer and nails to do it. The Little Free Library website has tons of ideas for transforming everyday objects into libraries. Then you can add a variety of used books from a thrift store along with books that are cluttering up your own space and watch the borrowing magic happen from your front window.

There’s nothing wrong with using fashion to buy more fashion

We get it—with cash or store credit in hand, it’s hard to avoid the racks of new offerings at Thrift Trader. So if you’re not crafty or handy or artistic and you just want spend the money earned from selling your used clothes on more clothes, be our guest! Buying hours at our North Park and Pacific Beach locations is 10am-6pm daily, so gather up your lovingly used cast-offs and drop by today.