Sell Used Clothes and Accessories For Cash or Credit 

There was a bit of disagreement between season-predicting groundhogs this year—Punxsutawney Phil said 6 more weeks of winter, while his more accurate colleague Staten Island Chuck said spring is right around the corner. Regardless of what rodent you want to believe, the fact is that spring-cleaning season is upon us, which means it’s time to clean out our closets to make room for new additions.

But before you bag up your pile of discards and haul them to the nearest donation center, consider how awesome it would be to exchange your unwanted clothes and accessories for cash or store credit. At Thrift Trader, our buying counters are open every day from 10am to 6pm. We’re interested in a full range of styles (clean and in good condition), but here’s a list of some of our hottest sellers:

Vintage pinup

Inspired by classic 40s fashion, the vintage pinup look involves lots of red and black, tons of dots and cherries, nautical imagery, tight silhouette dresses, full skirts, halter-tops, and anything that screams va-va-voom. 


Any Ralph Lauren commercial will provide ample inspiration for prepster fashion, which features polo shirts, knitted V-neck sweaters, khaki pants and skirts, tailored blazers, penny loafers, argyle patterns, lots of navy blue and red, headbands, vintage watches, and cardigans to wear folded over your shoulders like an 80s teen movie villain. 

Boho gypsy

Bohemian styles have evolved over the decades, but some elements remain: long flowing skirts, bright floral and paisley patterns, crocheted vests and dresses, espadrilles, thick leather belts, turquoise jewelry, floppy hats in neutral colors, headscarves, and layered silver jewelry around your neck and wrists.


Fashion outsiders who dress for comfort instead of style might be interested to know their “style” is replicated by fashion insiders. Think loose jeans, khaki or black trousers, white button-ups, black blazers, knee-length skirts, white sneakers, and anything plain in the white/grey/black palette.

Rocker chic

Straddling the line between tough and sexy, rocker chic demands ripped skinny jeans, threadbare band shirts, off-the-shoulder tops and sweaters, leather jackets, thigh-high boots, accessories with plenty of studs, jewelry with chains, and as many silver rings as you can fit on your fingers.

Ironic hipster

Even if you’re not sure of the difference between hipsters and ironic hipsters, you can’t go wrong with think tight jeans, wispy scarves, long-sleeve flannels, thick-rim glasses, beanies, cardigans, and big cross-shoulder bags in clashing colors and fabrics.

Euro chic

Picture this fashionista trolling through the streets of Paris wearing tight jeans or leggings, stiletto heels, white tanks paired with black leather jackets, trench coats, patterned silk scarves, simple gold necklaces, huge designer-looking handbags, tight tailored dresses, and sunglasses dark enough and big enough to hint that she might be secret royalty. 

Country cute

The country cute look starts with a cowboy boot base and moves up to short flowy skirts, brown leather jackets, belts with huge buckles, lace accents, tight flannel shirts, floral patterns, and as much denim (jeans, skirts, jackets, vests) as you can imagine. Cowboy hats are optional.

Come sell your used clothing and accessories for cash or credit today!

If you have a load of lovingly used clothes that fit in with our must-have fashion list, bring them to one of Thrift Trader’s two locations (North Park and Pacific Beach) to trade for cash or store credit. All you need is a valid ID and a willingness to finally part with clothes that no longer fit your ever-evolving style.