Thrift Shopping in the Summer Vs the Winter

As far as we’re concerned, every season is the best season for thrift shopping, but there are definitely unique advantages to shopping at different times of the year. So as winter starts to wind down and daydreams of summer sundresses fill your head, let’s compare the advantages of both summer and winter thrift shopping.

Winter brings resolution treasures

January is a popular time to purge closets and drawers. That’s when people set New Year’s resolutions to be more organized and mindful of their possessions. And because people follow their own resolution timeline (if they end up following it at all), the resolution treasures pour into thrift stores over the course of several weeks in the beginning of the year. So from mid-January on, be sure to pop into your favorite secondhand spot at least once a week.

Summertime means moving time

Whether a college student moving in or out of the dorms, or a professional well into their career and moving into their first owned home, the first thing most people do before packing is purge. So if you hit up your favorite thrift stores in the beginning (late May to early June) and end (late August to early September) of summer, you’ll find a bounty of inventory waiting for you.

Winter deals on summer must-haves

If you hit up your favorite thrift shops during the chilly, often rainy San Diego winter season, you’ll find tanks, shorts, skirts, and sandals for ridiculously low prices. And here’s a bonus: in general, there are usually more summer goods available at thrift stores than winter clothes. So if you go shopping for summer clothing during the off-season, you’re even more likely to find exactly what you want – at killer prices, too. 

Summer deals on winter gear

Thrift store prices for winter gear like coats, scarves, boots—and even snow pants for the rare trip to the Laguna Mountains when it snows—are highest in October, November and December. So if you’re looking for deals on secondhand winter clothes, you’ll find an abundance of inventory priced to move in early summer when even the thought of wearing a heavy wool pea coat makes you break out into a sweat.

Thrift shop road trip? Yes please!

This tip applies to summer break, winter break, spring break – whenever. Any time off work or school is a great opportunity to take a road trip out of town to scour far-flung thrift shops for new-to-you finds. Not only will the inventory be fresh to your fashionable eyes, but the type of inventory will be different too, depending on where you go. Hint: check out high-end enclaves up the Pacific coast, or even L.A., where you might even find some killer costume cast-offs!

Need to make closet room before your seasonal shopping spree?

If you’re planning a thrifting road trip or just want to stock up on cute summery wardrobe must-haves this winter, you’ll probably need to purge your own closet a bit. Bring the clothes you love but aren’t in love with anymore to Thrift Trader for cash or trade during our buying hours (10am-6pm daily at our North Park and Pacific Beach locations). Then shop to your heart’s content.