2 Dollar Thrill - Where Everything Is Two Bucks!

Stoked to share this article posted by OB RAG on our sister store, 2 Dollar Thrill located on 4871 Newport Ave # B, San Diego, CA 92107 that's open Monday - Sunday 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM! 

2 Dollar Thrill - The Last Thrift Shop On Newport In Ocean Beach

2 Dollar Thrill is now the only thrift shop on Newport and everything is priced at $2.00. Yep, 2 bucks! Items sold are CDs, DVDs, clothes, books, records, and a ton of accessories. We are keeping the cycle flowing constantly with new inventory a couple times a week! So stop in see whats new!

For your selling and trading needs, please stop in at Thrift Trader in North Park, that's our store that makes 2 Dollar Thrill possible! For the latest updates on this location, follow 2 Dollar Thrill on Facebook


2 Dollar Thrill Location

Ocean Beach, San Diego
Phone: (619) 222-2772