Thrift Trader Has The Best Prices For Vintage & Modern Fashion in San Diego

Remember that Boho dress you bought and loved but for some reason just never wore? And then along came your best friend offering to trade for those red boots of hers that you’d borrowed from her three times in a single week.  It was the perfect trade.  Months later, those red boots are still your favorite, and she wears that flowy Boho dress all the time.

Sometimes, things just work out, don’t they?

Well, we like to think that shopping at Thrift Trader is kind of like shopping in your best friend’s closet. We have an inspiring selection of high quality vintage and modern clothing in a range of styles.  And because our prices are so affordable, you don’t have to start driving for Lyft to make extra money to shop here. (You could. But you don’t have to.)

We buy, sell, and trade! 

Short on cash because you spent it all on tickets to Lightning In a Bottle? Don’t worry. You can still update your festival wardrobe. Just browse through your own closet for items you know your fashion-savvy best friend would wear and bring them to us.  Trade them in, and then shop away.   

Great styles for everyone…all the time

At Thrift Trader, there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to fashion. We cater to all styles: rocker chic, vintage pinup, ironic hipster, normcore, Boho gypsy, street artsy, country cute, prepster, Euro-chic, all-American throwback, and more!

We also carry popular brands and keep our inventory up-to-date. When you shop with us, you can always find that just-right piece to fit into your wardrobe – no matter who you are.

Our motto? Cool is cool is cool.  Y’know?

Drop by and see us! 

At Thrift Trader in San Diego, we don’t just have the best prices for vintage and modern fashion. We also buy, sell, and trade DVDs, CDs, books, and vinyl. Call us for more information on buying or in-store specials. Or better yet, drop by one of our locations in North Park or Pacific Beach.

We look forward to magical matchmaking – kinda like with you and those red boots.