Sell Your Festive Outfits and Costumes After the Holidays

After the holidays, your closet will probably look like the aftermath of a Category 3 hurricane. Clothing gifts you plan to keep will be shoved in with clothing gifts you’ll definitely return, and the discarded remains of a dozen potential party ensembles will be strewn, well…everywhere. Combine all that with clothes you haven’t worn in years and impulse buys you never got around to returning, and we’re guessing that, come January, your closet will be in desperate need of an intervention.

Fortunately for you, Thrift Trader can help. In addition to selling modern and vintage clothing in virtually all styles, we welcome your cleared-closet treasures to buy or trade. We’re especially interested in festive wear immediately after the holidays, so if you’re willing to part with any of the following, be sure to stop in after your 2017 kickoff closet raid is complete.

Party dresses

Short or long, velvety or satiny, bedazzled with sequins or simple and sophisticated, we love party dresses in all styles and colors because parties aren’t limited to the holiday season alone. Proms, weddings, galas, fancy dinner dates and more await the rest of the year—along with, of course, more holiday parties to attend all over again at the end.

Dressy shoes

The right footwear can make or break a party outfit, but sometimes a pair of shoes goes perfectly only with the dress you picked and literally nothing else in your closet. If you’re getting rid of one, you might as well get rid of both, so bring us your strappy heels, sequined pumps, sky-high stilettos, or dressy suede boots. Who knows, maybe someone out there has another perfectly paired party dress to match.

Luxe coats

Winter in San Diego isn’t much of a winter at all, so you’ll have even less use for the luxurious winter coat you only bought because showing up to the fancy office holiday party in your favorite tattered leather jacket wasn’t an option. We’re looking for thick and wooly, slick and satin-lined, fur collars and fancy buttons, bright colors and classic black, anything luxe and relatively impractical for the rest of the year.

Flashy accessories

In our opinion, you can never have too much costume jewelry. You never know when you’ll come across a blouse that’ll make a nearly forgotten necklace pop. But we understand if bling isn’t your thing all year long. So if you’re a bit overloaded on statement necklaces, cocktail rings, gem-laden bangles, flashy earrings, or other sparkly bits, send them our way.

Ugly sweaters

Ugly holiday sweaters might be all the rage, but they’re firmly in the “one and done” category: you can only wear them once or twice a year, and you certainly can’t wear the same sweater two years in a row—the downside to extremely distinctive fashion. At Thrift Trader, we roll out an outstanding collection of ugly sweaters each year, so trade in yours after the holidays and come back next year for an even uglier choice.

Halloween costumes

Is that sexy werewolf or zombie princess costume still wadded up in the back corner of your closet? Instead of ignoring it along with the jeans that don’t fit anymore and that impulse-buy sweater you’ll never actually wear, freshen it up and bring it down to Thrift Trader. We’re proud to offer an amazingly diverse array of costumes each Halloween thanks to trade-ins like yours.

Reduce, reuse, and rock on at Thrift Trader

Party attire, costumes, and all sorts of fashion and accessories are welcome at our North Park and Pacific Beach locations during buying hours of 10am to 6pm daily. We’ll give you cash on the spot or store credit. So dive into that post-holiday disaster of a closet and come bring us your gently used treasures!