Looking for Unique Halloween Costumes in San Diego? Visit Thrift Trader!

Showing up to party in the same outfit as someone else is bad enough. Showing up in the same Halloween costume, especially if the other person’s is better? More horrifying than the latest slasher pic. Instead of picking through whatever’s left at the pop-up Halloween shop or trying to cobble something together last-minute from your closet, check out the Halloween options at Thrift Trader (available October 1st). 

What better way get prepped for Halloween than to stop at Thrift Trader? 

People who really love Halloween know to come to us in October. They bring in their old costumes and shop for their new ones. Come early to browse our selection of Halloween costumes or shop our regular stock to piece together an original costume of your own creation. Here are some ideas:

1. Always the Bridesmaid

The worst thing about being a bridesmaid is you’ll never wear that $200 dress again—but it’s awesome for thrift stores, which get to resell a literal rainbow of nearly new gowns that make perfect costumes. For this look, pick a dress (the gaudier the better), some loud costume jewelry, and grab a cheap bouquet of fake flowers from a craft store. Bonus: A disgruntled expression for every photo.

2. Cher from Clueless

Instead of choosing a contemporary favorite character to emulate (you can bet on half a dozen Holtzmanns and Reys at every Halloween party this year), choose a classic like Alicia Silverstone’s signature role. All you need is a plaid blazer, mini skirt, white t-shirt, vest, knee socks and saddles shoes. Bonus: ask your older relatives if they still have a flip phone stored somewhere to bust out and recite Cher’s famous line, “as if!”

3. Jazzercise Queen

Why do random 80s cosplay when you can be specifically rad? To take the throne as a Jazzercise Queen, select a loud body suit, colorful tights, leg warmers, sweatbands for your head and wrists, sneakers, and a scrunchie—scratch that, SEVERAL scrunchies. Bonus item: if you’re into props, see if you can find a few old-school cassette tapes to carry around with JAZZERCISE written on them.

4. Dynasty, Darling

Speaking of the 80s, rumors have been swirling lately that the quintessential 80s primetime soap, Dynasty, will soon join the remake boom. To celebrate the potential return of big sleeves and bigger hair, you’ll need an 80s-style dress with ruffle sleeves, plunging necklines, sequins, and fabrics in pink, red, or classic gold lamé. And don’t forget the jewelry (large, loud and sparkling) and makeup (bright lips, contoured cheeks, smoky eyes). Bonus: Keep your hand on your hip at ALL TIMES.

5. Holly Golightly

Even people who have never seen Breakfast at Tiffany’s will instantly recognize you as the famed party girl. Audrey Hepburn’s role was that iconic. To rock this look, you’ll need a sleeveless black dress with a high neckline, black gloves, black sunglasses, black heels, and layered pearls and pearl earrings. For accessories, find a cigarette holder and maybe even a stuffed cat. Bonus: Learn the words to Moon River and belt it out at random.

6. Rosie the Riveter

Another iconic figure, Rosie the Riveter, is relatively simple to put together as a costume. All you need is a blue button-up shirt, high-waist shorts or pants, red heels, bold red lips, and that famous red polka-dot handkerchief (or any red pattern if you can’t find dots). Bonus: Flex those muscles at every opportunity.

7. Grecian Goddess

Take your pick: Athena, Artemis, Aphrodite, Hera, or one of the other powerful ladies of Mount Olympus. All you need is a solid-color maxi dress, shiny gold belt (thick white rope works too), and gladiator sandals in matching gold or a neutral color. Bonus: Work the room with an all-powerful attitude all night long.

8. Minion

Fans of the little yellow pill-shaped guys will find this costume despicably easy to put together. All you need is a yellow t-shirt, denim overalls, black gloves, and a yellow beanie. For goggles, you can DIY them with canning rings, duct tape, and black elastic. Bonus: Talk in Minion-speak until your friends beg you to stop. Then do it some more. 

9. Super Mario

Another overalls-based costume, your Mario get-up will also need a red t-shirt, white gloves, blue hat, and fake mustache. Bonus: Get a friend (preferably taller than you) to wear the same thing but with a green t-shirt to combine forces as the Super Mario Bros.

10. Indiana Jones

While no one will ever look as good in a wide-brim hat as Harrison Ford, if you can find one and combine it with cargo pants, a white t-shirt, army jacket, brown belt and boots, you’ll be the boulder-dodging, artifact-saving, Nazi-punching star of any Halloween party. Bonus: Roll around in the dirt after getting dressed for an authentically adventurous look.

11. Bored Housewife

This one is so simple and so comfortable. Just find the silkiest robe you can find (what you wear—or don’t wear—underneath is up to you) and add a pair of kitten heels and overdone makeup. Bonus: Complain to party cuties that you’ve got a plumbing/electrical/otherwise made-up household emergency that needs their attention, pronto.

Be unique and head to Thrift Trader for your Halloween needs!

While we can’t guarantee we’ll have every single piece on this list available, we can help you find the perfect parts for your perfect costume. And if you have a gently used Halloween costume or a closet full of things that could be the missing piece to someone else’s Halloween dream, we welcome your clothes to buy or trade at our locations in North Park and Pacific Beach. So start your Halloween prep and stop into Thrift Trader today