We BUY, SELL and TRADE...clothing, shoes, accessories, cds, lps, dvds, books, electronics, video games and more!

We are...A unique Thrift Store with a large selection of fashion and music. Each item is $5.99 or 4 items for $20.00

**Check the News/Promotions section for deals & updates!!!!

                                     4 Locations:

North Park        3939 Iowa/University       619-282-7283619-282-7283

Pacific Beach     1416 Garnet Ave               858-272-7283858-272-7283

Ocean Beach      
4879 Newport Ave            619-222-5011619-222-5011

    30th St            2947 El Cajon Blvd           619-261-1744   


                **Hours .....Mon-Sat 10am-7pm   

                             Sunday 10am-6pm